S&G Engineering GmbH

Am Röthenbühl 34
92348 Berg

Phone: +49 9189 414667
Fax: +49 9189 414666



Dipl.-Ing. Georg Krumpholz

  • Studies of Mechanical Engineering at Technical University Munich
  • executive at various machinery and plant manufacturing companies
  • since 2000: participation in the setup of a wind turbine manufacturing unit at a medium sized conglomerate
  • since 2004: self employed in the area of project development and O&M of wind turbines
  • since 2008: Co-founding and development of S&G Engineering GmbH

Dr. Thomas Stötter

  • Studies in Economics and doctorate at University Munich and engineering degree at Technical University Munich
  • Executive Director at an international global player
  • since 1999: Managing Director of the current second largest German wind turbine OEM
  • since 2001: key executive at one of the largest  German wind project developer
  • since 2003: self employed as project developer and wind energy consultant
  • since 2008:Cofounding and development of S&G Engineering GmbH